Miheeka Bajaj Wiki | Father | Photos | Parents | Bio | Twitter | Pics | Marriage: Hello…Folks by now you must have heard this famous name if you are Rana Daggubati fan.

Miheeka Bajaj is the one who is going to become the life partner of Bhallaldev urf Rana Daggubati.

If you are keen to know much more about her keep reading Miheeka Bajaj Wiki | Father | Photos | Parents | Bio | Twitter | Pics | Marriage.

Miheeka Bajaj Wiki | Father | Family

Who is Miheeka Bajaj?

Miheeka Bajaj is top entrepreneurs, raised in Hyderabad.

She is the daughter of Bunty and Suresh Bajaj.

She currently runs an interior and decor Business. Dew & Drop Design Studio.

The company is popular for event Planning for wedding & other events.

Miheeka Bajaj Career

As said above Mihika has an interior designing Business.

She herself has received a Master Degree in Interior Designing from the University of Chelsea.

She has also aspired to become a successful interior designer and entrepreneur.

After completing her master in Interior designing she worked as an intern designer in Mumbai for about one year and turned into a writer design Pataki.

In 2017, She started her own business Dew & Drop.

In an interview, She said what Dew & Drop design is today is because of her mother.

Miheeka Bajaj Family

Talking about her Family.

Her Mother, Bunty Bajaj is prominent in the Jewellery Industry. and her store Krasla is Favourite Hotspot for jewellery connoisseurs.

Bunty started her career as an event manager but gradually moved into Jewellery business.

Meehika had a close relationship with her family. She doesn’t shy away from saying that she is her daddy’s Lil princess.

Miheeka Bajaj Images

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